Turnstiles Studio engineers have more than 15 year experience in several facets of audio, from live sound to recording and post production.  We strive to bring the best of our experience to insure the highest quality in your project.

Stephen Gallagher
Founder/Lead Engineer

A singer…
A songwriter…
A live sound and recording engineer…
Is there anything this guy doesn’t do?

Along with being our founder and lead engineer, Stephen spends his day as a Media Specialist/Director of IT for a local school. Originally a resident of New York City, his talents were crafted while working in audio post production for radio and television advertising. He also co-founded a live sound company producing events ranging from local bands to Broadway theatrical benefits.

From there, he relocated to Indiana in 2010, spending almost 5 years supporting professional audio gear for one of the leading music and pro audio retailers in the country. In his time assisting clients in proper use of gear and production techniques, he took notice of local production for radio and television. It seemed that affordability for quality work was a financial stretch for local clientele. It was in this observation that his vision was born.

Turnstiles Studio: making quality production sensible and achievable for everyone.